About And He Flew

I’m sitting here trying to write an “about” page for And He Flew and I find myself drawing a complete blank. I know what my goals for this blog are, but I struggle to put into words what exists in my head.

Perhaps the best way to start is by unpacking the tagline: My Journey to Mental, Physical and Spiritual Strength.

That tagline is taken from the book Body for Life: Twelve Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength written by Bill Phillips. I found Mr. Phillip’s book in July of 2002 and as a result of soaking in his brilliantly simple ideas and following his no-nonsense approach to changing a person’s body and life, I went from a weight of 265 pounds to a weight of 160 pounds in eight months.

Simply put, I am on a personal journey to attain mental, physical and spiritual healing and wholeness, as much as such a goal is actually possible during this, our temporal and corporeal life on earth and the purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, feelings, successes and failures along the way.

Before I continue, I should explain that I look at life from a Christian worldview. I was raised as a Christian and later in life I made a personal decision to believe what the Bible says about God and what I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me to. If you don’t personally follow my beliefs, please know that you are completely welcome here, and that mutual respect of one another’s beliefs is expected. This blog is not intended to be a vehicle to proselytize. Having said that, I must also state that I will not shy away from a discussion of my personal beliefs. I don’t believe that this journey is in any way possible without a firm reliance on and a belief in a benevolent and grace filled Creator. Whether you agree or not, that is my personal point of view and I cannot look at life from any other viewpoint, nor would I choose to if I could.

I am specifically dealing with three areas–mental (or emotional), physical and spiritual–because each one is inextricably intertwined with the other two. To create a proper triangle, each side must be properly balanced. If one side is off to the slightest degree, a perfect triangle is impossible to create. I cannot attain physical strength without attaining mental strength. I cannot attain mental strength without attaining spiritual strength. These three coexist and are in a forever symbiotic relationship.

This blog has two primary goals:

  1. As previously mentioned, it is to be a repository of my thoughts, successes, failures and struggles along the way. In July of 2002 I made the decision to change my physical condition. I achieved my initial goal in March of 2003 and stayed there for quite some time. Ultimately, I fell back as a result of some terrible events that took place in my life. I started again in 2010 and have come to the understanding that a quest for physical strength and conditioning must also include emotional and spiritual strength and conditioning.
  2. Secondly, I am completely aware that this world is full of people just like me: the broken and the wounded who are on a quest toward improving their lives be it in a single area or in all three of them. I am in earnest when I say that if you are one of these people, I hope that you will use this place as a resource. I hope that my posts will give you a sense that you are not alone and that you will participate by adding your thoughts and comments. Take a risk. Put yourself out there.

When I first launched this blog back in 2010, the goal was to simply record my weekly fat loss successes or failures, and it was mostly aimed at my family and close friends. Each week I would post my weight and body fat percentage; it was a kind of accountability program, helping to keep me on track.

But as life got busier and busier, and I reached an impasse with my body–the result of which has been a long stalemate, neither losing fat nor gaining fat week after week–I stopped posting here and the blog fell into disuse.

But I’ve been wanting to revive it and today, Saturday, September 14, 2013 seemed like the perfect day to do just that.

Today is the tenth anniversary of a terrible event in my life, but it was that very event which ultimately would lead me to seek to achieve true and lasting mental, physical and spiritual strength. And over the past few weeks, I decided to blow the dust off of this blog and relaunch it starting with a post about that day ten years ago.

Ultimately my hope is to start a true community website which will support not only this blog, but also a forum where hurting people can connect to one another to seek hope and healing from whatever they are facing.

In the mean time, thank you for visiting and please add your voice to the things I post here by posting your comments, your thoughts, your suggestions and your struggles.

Thank you for reading and welcome.

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